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The downloads in this section cover Declarations of Performance; environment and chain of custody certification as well as the technical bulletins and technical manual

Declaration of performance

Forres Timber Systems Division CE Mark

Forres Timber Systems Division

TSD Group Schedule


JJI-Joists FSC Certificate

JJI-Joists PEFC Certificate

Declaration Of Performance

ISO 14001 - Timber Systems Forres

Technical Information

JJI-Joists Technical Manual-Fifth Edition

JJI-Joists Site Construction Guide

JJI-Joists and Glulam Site Storage

Floor Construction Details (AutoCAD 2005 DWG Format)

Floor Construction Details (JPEG Format)

Wall Construction Details (JPEG Format)

Roof Construction Details (AutoCAD 2005 DWG Format)

Roof Construction Details (JPEG Format)

JJI-Joists Summary of Fire Assessment (30 Minutes)

JJI-Joists Summary of Fire Assessment (60 Minutes)

European Technical Approval ETA 10-0335

CE Marking Certificate

Engineered Wood Products Committee - C.O.P.

Engineered Wood Products Committee - C.O.P. Stair Load Table Generator

BM TRADA Q-Mark Registration Certificate

JJI Joist Flyer

JJI-Joist Hole & MVHR Solutions

JJI-Joist Preservative Treatment

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System

Binderholz Glulam Technical Manual

Stora Enso LVL Technical Manual

JJI-Joist Technical Manual Fourth Edition-British standards

Eurocode 5 Implementation

Technical Bulletins

TB2 JJI-Joists framing around stair openings

TB7 Holes in the web of JJI-Joists

TB9 Ground floor design and restraint

TB10 Alternative JJI-Joists span table

TB11 Plumber and electrician's notice

TB12 Bottom flange loads on JJI-Joists

TB13 Squash loads on rim joists

TB14 Resistance to the passage of sound

TB15 Installation guidelines for downlighters in intermediate floors

TB17 Timber frame compartment separating floor

TB19 JJI-Joists roof details

TB25 JJI-Joists to steel beam connection

TB29 JJI-Joists floor details for use in timber frame construction

TB35 Non-load bearing partitions on timber intermediate floors

TB38 44dB Rw acoustic performance of 220mm JJI-Joist floor

TB47 Loading out JJI-Joist floors

TB48 Low cost/low load timber frame edge detailing

TB51 STA guidelines on mitigating fire risk during construction

Cullen Building Products connections to steelwork

Simpson Strong-Tie hangers supported on steel beams