As a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK's leading supplier of homegrown timber to the UK pallet and packaging industry, our pallet and packaging operations have progressively expanded over recent years through organic growth and acquisition and today we work closely with all the major UK pallet pools CHEP, LPR, IPP and EPAL.

Through our continued investment in automated technology we can offer customers access to the most advanced pallet manufacturing and repair facilities in the UK, a national distribution network and a complete range of pallet and specialist timber packaging solutions.

New Pallets

Investing in automated technology means we have a manufacturing capacity of 10 million new pallets a year, with our production sites strategically located across the UK to meet the needs of our customer base.

Pallet Repair

The company is the UK market leader in pallet inspection and repairs, working with all the closed and open loop pallet pools. Every year our modern service centres and trained staff handle over 25 million pallets.

Pallet Repatriation

Our pallet repatriation team is working with housebuilders and retailers to ensure their sites remain clear of unwanted pallets and pallets are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Reconditioned Pallets

Extending the useable life of a wooden pallet is an important aspect of the pallet industry and James Jones operates one of the most extensive pallet recycling networks with 13 UK service centres.

Pallet Management

Our pallet and logistics experts help companies create and implement efficient and environmentally sustainable pallet useage strategies, giving our customers more time to focus on their core business.


James Jones & Sons (Pallet and Packaging) manufactures specialist packaging for a wide variety of industries enabling many well-known companies to export their products globally.

Pallet Collars

A wooden pallet collar quickly and cost effectively turns a wooden pallet into a sturdy packaging case. Leading collar business The Billington Group became part of James Jones in 2018 and we now offer collars and accessories.

UPALL® Pallet Guards

UPALL® is an innovative pallet protection system that extends the usable life of a wooden pallet dramatically reducing necessary repairs, saving money and decreasing the environmental impact of the pallet.

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