Our aim is to maintain the highest standards of quality and service:

Our aim is exactly the same as that exemplified by our founder, James Jones, and that is to set and maintain the highest standards of quality and customer service.

For us that ultimately means valuing and looking after our employees. It means treating our customers with courtesy and respect at all times. It means always behaving with professionalism and integrity.

It means taking care of the environment everywhere that we operate. And it means striving to make sure that what we produce at all of our sawmills, production lines and pallet sites is the very best quality that it can be.

Some may say these are old-fashioned values.

For us here at James Jones it is the natural way of doing business and, we like to think, would make the first James Jones proud of the company that he founded some 180 years ago.

The methods and technologies we use to make our products and deliver our services today may have changed significantly, but this commitment remains at the core of our business today and defines every member of the James Jones team.