James Jones & Sons Ltd is a family owned and managed forest products company, now under its 5th generation leadership, operating from 25 locations strategically located across the UK. The Group has evolved through more than 180 years of trading and has been active in the following activities and sectors: sawmilling, timber engineering, pallet manufacturing, forestry and land management, windfarms, iron foundry, ship building, nail manufacturing, mechanical engineering, telegraph poles, telecommunications.

Throughout this history, our employees remain our most important asset and these now number 1,220 contributing many skills and qualifications, thereby ensuring we meet our commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and service to our valued customer base.

Operating the UK’s most modern, efficient and strategically located network of seven sawmills, James Jones & Sons Ltd manufactures the widest range of British-grown, sawn timber products, including carcassing, fencing, pallet wood and heavy sections. Supported by our long-term commitment to continued capital investment, we have led the way in areas such as digital scanning technology, timber treatment, incising, mini-bundling and much more to ensure that the timber we supply to many of the UK's leading timber and builders merchants is of the highest quality possible. For more information on our sawn timber product range and full please visit our Sawn Timber section.

Timber Systems Division

Our Timber Systems Division, based in Forres, is the UK’s largest producer of I-Joists, branded JJI-Joists, supplying all of the major UK house builders and having a 45% UK market share. We also supply the UK construction industry with high quality Glulam and LVL and support users with our specialist team of engineers, designers, technicians and our I-Joist design software. To find out more about our range of engineered timber products please visit our Engineered Timber section.

Pallets & Packaging Division

Our Pallets and Packaging division has been built over the last two decades and today is one of the UK's major pallet businesses with an annual new pallet manufacturing capacity of up to 10 Million new pallets a year. This has been made possible through our on-going commitment to investment in the latest automated assembly lines at many of our sites. Our network of 14 strategically located pallet inspection and repair centres handle up to 20 Million pallets every year, working closely with all the major pallet pools - CHEP, LPR, IPP and EPAL.

We also offer a pallet repatriation service, which sees us collect unused and unwanted wooden pallets from a wide range of industrial sites to help businesses manage their sites space more efficiently, improve on-site health and safety and to improve their environmental impact in line with Government targets. For more information please visit our Pallets & Packaging section.

Hyne Timber

James Jones & Sons acquired 60% of Hyne Timber, a sixth generation, family owned company, in January 2022.

Hyne Timber, dating back to 1882, operates two modern sawmills (Tuan, Queensland and Tumbarumba, NSW) producing a total of 800,000m3 of sawn timber, employing 852 staff and enjoying a 21% market share in Australia. The mills source approximately 1.6 Million tonnes of pine logs from plantations strategically located in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Hyne Timber also operates a brand new glulam factory in Queensland, commissioned in 2020.


James Jones & Sons acquired XLam in January 2022. XLam was the only CLT manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere. The company commissioned Australia's first ever CLT manufacturing plant in Wodonga, Victoria in 2018.

Rocky Point

In February 2023, Hyne Timber acquired a majority share in Rocky Point Ltd, based in Gold Coast, Queensland. The company produces over 2 million bags of sugar cane mulch and 4 million bags of composts, potting mixes, soils and mulches per year to over 200 nurseries and agriculture food producers in Queensland and New South Wales.