The timber industry is one of Scotland's most important sectors and to keep that one billion pound industry going strong takes much more than just felling trees. Timber and forestry offers young people a varied and diverse career path and includes everything from harvesting and haulage through sales, sawmill management, environmental protection, logistics, customer services and product development to name a few.

About the Trainee Management Programme:

At James Jones & Sons we offer exciting opportunities for school leavers and graduates to develop and grow their career within our company. We offer a very positive company culture, which provides full support for ambitious individuals to grow and develop; investing in people to become future leaders.

James Jones & Sons prides itself on being a responsible employer, providing long term and rewarding employment prospects at all of our locations across the UK. Many of our employees have stayed with us their entire careers. Employees of James Jones enjoy a good range of employee benefits and we support staff with professional development and training needs to allow them to develop as individuals.

The Trainee Management Programme will commence with a very hands-on experience to understand and learn the essential operations of the business and gradually move you through a process that takes you to understand the business, the key relationships and the skills and tools required to be a manager.

The ultimate goal is to move you to a deeper understanding of the business and to a place where you can contribute positively as a manager in a more mind-on, hands-off role.

The key principles of the programme are:

  • Site specific training and competencies
  • Self-driven learning
  • Hands on experience and experiential learning

When you join the programme, you will be assigned a mentor. Within James Jones & Sons the purpose of a mentoring relationship is to broaden the support and learning opportunities available to you as a Trainee Manager to help stretch, challenge and support you through the early part of your career.

Below is an outline of the first three years in the business:

Some case studies of recent management trainees can be viewed below -

Career Case Studies:

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