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Recent developments in chemical treatments allow us to offer 15 year warranties on ground contact products.

As well as wanting your timber to be sourced responsibly, processed accurately and delivered promptly, you also want to be sure that it’s protected against decay.

Our range of state-of-the-art high pressure preservative, dipping and heat treatments help timber to maintain its natural beauty and commercial value, while significantly extending its service life, providing complete peace of mind and confidence with every piece of timber supplied.

We have worked closely with the chemical industry to ensure that the treatments we use are both effective and environmentally safe. We currently use Tanalith E, Wolman CX, Protim E406 and Antiblu depending on the product specification and end user requirement.

In order to be effective , timber treatment needs to be carried out using a high pressure process, dipping alone is not effective as the cell structure of the timber needs to be prepared in order to absorb sufficient chemical for effective treatment:


The treatment process

1. Timber loaded into treatment vessel. Initial vacuum applied - timber cells evacuated of air. Vacuum held.

2. Cyclinder flooded with preservative, still under vacuum.

3. Hydraulic pressure applied, forcing the preservative deep into the structure of the timber.

4. Final vacuum extracts excess preservative solution, which is pumped back into storage.

5. Low pressure inside timber draws in surface solution when vented to atmosphere. Treated timber is left to dry.


We currently offer a 15 year warranty against rot and decay on our Use Class 4 agricultural fencing and also our Incised domestic fence posts and sleepers. 


Our JJI-Joists are also available with preservative treated timber flanges.

This allows their use in Use Class 2 conditions in accordance with BS EN335-1, and Hazard Class 2. This treatment does not affect the structural properties of the JJI-Joist.