Timber Sourcing

Sustainable timber supply has always been integral to the manufacture of our timber products. Consequently, all of our timber products and timber co-products are supplied as FSC® certified. Our engineered timber JJI-Joists are able to be supplied as either FSC® certified or PEFC certified.

All our timber product claims, including our pallet products, are independently verified by the Soil Association on an on-going annual basis.

Within our trade body Confor, we work closely with FSC® & PEFC to ensure any future requirements are complied with. Our chain of custody procedures enable all clients to have full traceability from source to guaranteed supply chain legality and sustainability.

We are also a Responsible Purchaser under the Timber Trade Federation’s (TTF) Responsible Purchasing Process. Consequently, all our timber sourcing and timber products are UKTR compliant, being derived from known and trusted sources.