One of our key sustainability elements is the use of the PAS 2050:2011 carbon reporting model, supported by Ecometrica, the UK’s leading greenhouse gas accounting and compliance specialists.

The carbon model measures our overall carbon balance, which uniquely demonstrates that the carbon captured during tree growth is greater than the carbon used to deliver, manufacture and supply our timber products.

Not only does this enable key trigger impacts to be identified and reduced, but our resulting carbon negative footprint can be applied to supply contract volumes and individual house designs, to complement client Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) requirements in a meaningful and robust manner.

We are happy to work with customers to develop bespoke CSR reports in line with their specific requirements.

During 2018, in partnership with Ricardo, we completed our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our JJI-Joist engineered timber products. The declaration delivers a broad range of environmental metrics and has been independently verified according to the international EPD system.

Our unique life cycle assessment capability, combined with our sustainable sourcing and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, make James Jones & Sons Ltd the UK’s most environmentally sound, large scale timber processor, and therefore the logical choice for all your timber requirements.