We operate a biomass plant at our Aboyne sawmill to heat our kilns, which is fuelled by our site’s co-products. This investment has reduced carbon emissions by 2,800 tonnes per annum through the substitution of approximately one million litres of gas oil.

At our Lockerbie site we collaborated with E.ON to build a dedicated system to deliver hot water from their 44MW biomass plant, which is adjacent to our site. This innovative solution heats the bank of 16 kilns on site, reducing carbon emissions by more than 8,000 tonnes per annum via the substitution of approximately three million litres of gas oil.

James Jones also operates biomass plants at Forres and Hangingshaw, which reduces our carbon footprint even further as both plants only use wood fuel that is generated on site as part of the production process.

The Group also has long term contracts to supply sawmill co-products to biomass power plant operators such as CoRDe Rothes and Iggesund Workington.