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Stella-Jones Inc

Stella-Jones Inc. specialises in the manufacture of railway sleepers (ties), utility poles and consumer lumber.

Stella-Jones Inc. was created in 1993 through a joint venture between James Jones & Sons and Stella SpA., a family company from Italy.

Through organic growth and acquisition Stella-Jones Inc’s 2017 sales reached CAD$1.89 billion, and the shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under ticker symbol SJ. The Company is now North America’s leading producer and marketer of industrial pressure treated wood products, with a growing presence in the United States.

Stella-Jones Inc. North American distribution network

The company specialises in the production of railway sleepers and timbers, and wood poles for electrical utilities and telecommunications companies. Complementing these core activities, Stella-Jones also provides treated consumer lumber products and customised services to lumber retailers and wholesalers for outdoor applications.

Other products include marine and foundation pilings, construction timbers, highway guardrail posts and treated wood for bridges. The Company operates twenty-seven wood treating plants, ten pole peeling facilities and a coal tar distillery.

These facilities are located in five Canadian provinces and fourteen American states and are complemented by an extensive distribution network across North America. As at June 30th, 2017, the Company had approximately 1,900 employees.

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Download the Stella-Jones 2017 annual report (pdf).

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