Upall® is an innovative pallet protection system that extends the usable life of a wooden pallet dramatically reducing necessary repairs, saving money and decreasing the environmental impact of the pallet.

Tests on Upall® pallets at the world-renowned and independent Virginia Tech indicate that a Upall® protected pallet will last for an average of three times the lifespan and potentially more, than a conventional wooden pallet.

Upall® protected pallets experience substantially less damage with significantly fewer wood chippings and debris. This reduces downtime, equipment maintenance and housekeeping and improves employee and public safety.

A Upall® protected pallet remains in circulation, earning money for longer with quantifiable savings in inspection, repair, transport and trip costs. Key components of the pallets - blocks and base boards - are guarded by the protector. The pallet is therefore much more resistant to impact, giving lower damage rates and extending the lifespan of the pallet.

Quality construction and consistent dimensional tolerances ensure the pallets remain suitable for all mainstream handling equipment and are compatible with automated handling and storage applications.

The pallets and their protectors are completely repairable to maintain high quality standards. All materials used are fully recyclable.

The protectors can be supplied in corporate colours, with printed logos and other designs. The enhanced appearance of the pallets makes them ideal for display directly at the point of sale in retailers.

To find out more about this innovative product visit the dedicated Upall® pallet protector website.