Unwanted and unused wooden pallets can be a headache for any type of company - they take up valuable ground space, they look unsightly, they are a health and safety hazard and can also have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. Under strict targets introduced by the Government, by 2020, all businesses will have to recycle 90% of all of their waste and that includes wooden pallets.

Our pallet repatriation service has been developed with these targets in mind and will help a wide variety of business types to significantly reduce their pallet wastage. Our experts will take over the pallet management operation of your site or industrial location and remove all unwanted pallets from that area eradicating a major environmental and health and safety headache.

Once we have visited your site to uplift your unwanted wooden pallets they will be taken to one of our 17 pallet service centres where they will be inspected, repaired or recycled to biomass if they are beyond repair. Repaired pallets will be returned to their original owner if from one of the closed loop pallet pools such as CHEP, IPP or LPR, or sold as a reconditioned pallet to a new user, so that its life can be extended.

Our pallet repatriation service provides any business with the following:

  • A guaranteed level of service to measurably reduce waste recycling costs
  • Delivers a sustainable solution aligned to corporate environmental ambitions
  • Maximises recovery for least cost packaging waste compliance tax
  • Conforms with objectives of waste hierarchy legislation
  • Provides full management analysis to measure collection point performance

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