We have approached the design and evaluation process with great care, employing a team with extensive experience in the pallet and packaging industry and also experienced in using the latest design software.

We design and manufacture all our bespoke packaging to customers precise requirements. We are able to cater for any requests made by the customer through the use of the Solidworks® CAD system. Through using software, we can manufacture packaging of most sizes and specifications for our customers.

The highly automated production facilities we have across all of our sites means we are at its forefront of the wood packaging industry.

To guarantee that the packaging solutions that we manufacture are of the highest quality they are put through a rigorous testing procedure to identify any issues and to give a safe working load performance analysis.

Our packaging products can be put through four separate testing procedures - vibration, horizontal impact, rotational drop and temperature control tests. The purpose of these are to ensure our products can withstand extreme conditions during the transportation process.

Our evaluation service means that we look at every aspect of the packaging design to manage total cost whilst ensuring product quality and safety of your goods.

Packaging product solutions can be multi-trip and, where possible, recovered, repaired and re-used. This not only reduces waste and management cost, it helps meet the government targets for recycling and re-use.