Our state-of-the-art pallet inspection and repair sites are strategically located across the UK, stretching from Grangemouth in Scotland all the way down to Bardon Hill in Leicestershire. They are also close to UK's motorway network to ensure that deliveries and collections are as convenient as possible for our customers and partners.

Over the many years that James Jones has been building its pallet repair business the company has invested regularly in new machinery and expertise to meet the specific demands of our pallet customers and we have forged very close working relationships with all of the major UK pallet pools CHEP, LPR, IPP and EPAL.

In fact, we are very proud to state that those relationships have grown so much that James Jones now operates and manages pallet service centres on behalf of every one of the closed-loop pallet pools.

To meet ISPM 15 requirements James Jones heat treats our repaired pallets and we have the largest kilning capacity of any pallet repair in the UK.

Our pallet repair operation also supplies timber components directly to the pallet pools so that their own pallet repair operations can run smoothly and efficiently.

In many of the sectors in which we operate, the wooden pallet is the most important asset of our customers - without them they are unable to move their goods around the country - so the quality and reliability of our products and service is of absolute paramount importance.

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