James Jones & Sons (Pallets & Packaging) Ltd offers a comprehensive on-site pallet management service for a range of businesses across the UK, which sees our specialists deal with every aspect of a customer's pallet usage and environmental disposal.

Currently we have the capacity to handle in excess of 20 million customer pallets at our 13 UK sites.

Audit & Evaluation Service

We offer a full pallet and packaging evaluation service which includes: recovery, value engineering, wood waste, and repair.

Our overall aim is to reduce the customer’s overall packaging spend in an environmentally beneficial way. In addition, an audit procedure is undertaken for conformity of the product ensuring that the product is to the correct specification and that all areas are fully compliant.

Pallet Recovery & Disposal

Our pallet recovery system is designed to manage our customers' waste pallets, and is achieved through uplift, inspection, repair, return and disposal.

By inspecting and sorting the pallets, we can determine whether they are suitable for repair or are beyond useful life. Pallets that are repairable will be processed through one of our pallet repair centres and after the repair process is complete, the pallets will be returned to the original supplier.

Pallets that are beyond useful life will be converted into wood chips and will then either be used to provide biomass fuel, thus providing a sustainable energy source to power our facilities or they will be sold as Grade A biomass material. Whether the pallets are repaired and returned or alternatively converted into wood chips, we aim to deliver a sustainable process.

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