Our new wooden pallets are manufactured at our key production sites in Golborne, Greetham, Gateshead, Wrexham and Workington where we have extensive heat treatment and kiln drying facilities that enable us to meet all relevant international phytosanitary regulations, which are essential to customers in the FMCG and pallet pool sectors.

We are the main supplier of new pallets to the ‘closed loop’ commercial pallet pools (CHEP, LPR and IPP) as we are able to meet their exacting requirements in terms of pallet specifications, ISPM15 compliance and dry pallets.

With the major advantage of being part of a leading UK timber processing group, we can guarantee our supply of raw material - an extremely important factor in us being able to meet the time sensitive demands of our customer base.

We are also an accredited supplier of new EPAL ‘open loop’ timber pallets and, similarly, we supply CP timber pallets in all specified sizes.

We manufacture two-way pallets, mainly for the construction and chemical sectors, where we have a reputation for quality products and service. We supply many sizes of four-way pallets (1200mm x 1000mm and 1200mm x 800mm being the most popular) and our modern production facilities allow us to be highly flexible on sizes to meet customer demand.

ISPM15 Heat Treated and Kiln Dried Pallets

The company has co-operated with the UK Forestry Commission to ensure that our pallets are manufactured to meet the international phytosanitary regulation, ISPM15. This regulation prevents the spread of pests travelling in solid wood. The heat treatment process is applied strictly in accordance with the United Kingdom Wood Packaging Materials Marking Programme (UKWPMMP) regulations.

We have the largest kiln drying capacity in the UK and were the first pallet manufacturer to achieve the TIMCON premium drying standard. This standard minimises the risk of mould developing on timber pallets, which is of critical importance in certain sectors. Many of our sites have on-site biomass boilers, another example of the Group’s commitment to achieving the highest environmental standards.

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