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Uniquely, James Jones & Sons maintains a commitment to the pallet market 12 months of the year, throughout the year, every year.


Our commitment to the pallet sector has been consistently recognised where we have been voted 'Supplier of the Year' by many of the leading pallet producers. 

 Value adding and secondary processing options include: 

  • Kiln drying
  • ISPM 15 56/30 Heat treatment
  • Preservative Treatment (Tanalith “E”)
  • Anti-Stain treatments (Anti Blu)


We produce palletwood in a range of specifications and sizes to meet customer needs. Below are listed the most common sections for boards and blocks:


16 x 75   yes 

16 x 95

17 x 75  yes
17 x 95  yes
18 x 95  yes
21 x 95  yes
22 x 100  yes
22 x 125  yes
22 x 145  yes

22 x 150




75 x 95   yes 
90 x 90  yes

95 x 95






Why choose James Jones?

We are the only UK company able to supply timber for our pallets as ‘carbon negative’ tonnes through our PAS 2050 carbon assessment.

Pallet & Packing Case Materials

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