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James Jones & Sons (Pallets and Packaging) Limited was formed by amalgamating four of the UK's leading and longest established pallet and packaging manufacturing and repair businesses.

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As a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK's leading supplier of homegrown timber to the UK pallet and packaging industry James Jones & Sons Ltd, our pallet and packaging operations have progressively expanded over recent years through both organic growth and acquisitions. 

Today the business operates from 13 strategically located sites across the UK and our key areas of operations are: 

  • New timber pallet manufacture
  • Pallet recovery, inspection and repair for all the major pallet pools (CHEP, LPR, Pooling Partners, EPAL)
  • Timber packaging manufacturer and specialist engine platforms
  • Innovative pallet management systems
  • Pallet repatriation, repair and recycling
  • UPALL® wooden pallet protectors
  • Pallet collars (Billington International Limited).

Through continued investment we are able to offer customers access to the most advanced pallet manufacturing and repair facilities in the UK, a national distribution network and a complete range of pallets and specialist timber packaging solutions.

As part of James Jones & Sons Ltd, one of the most successful privately owned timber processing businesses and the leading supplier of pallet timber to the UK industry, our pallet and packaging operation can assure customers of security of timber supply. This vertical integration with the James Jones & Sons' sawmills and long-term supply relationships with other palletwood producers means all of our pallets are FSC® chain of custody compliant and meet the highest environmental and regulatory standards, including ISPM 15.

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We are the largest supplier of new and repaired pallets to the UK pallet pool