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James Jones pallet and packaging business has an annual production capacity in excess of 10 million pallets a year, with state-of -the-art production facilities conveniently located to meet the needs of our growing customer base.


We have the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the UK with a policy of continuous investment and offering a complete range of pallets to suit every customer including standard two and four way pallets, licenced EPAL, CP, pool and bespoke. 

Our workforce is highly skilled and we have the most experienced management team in the industry.

Our customers are guaranteed security of timber supply from James Jones & Sons' sawmills, with 100% of timber being FSC certified.

Robot production at James Jones pallet facility in Golborne











In addition we can offer a comprehensive range of add-on features including pallet collars and lids.

Heat treatment

The James Jones Pallets and Packaging Group has the largest kilning capacity in the UK for heat treatment to ISPM15. In addition we were the first pallet manufacturer in the UK to achieve Timcon's 'premium ' drying standard.

 Kilns at James Jones Golborne


We operate one of the UK's most extensive recycling and repair networks on behalf of the major pallet pools together with recycled pallets to all standard specifications. Our main pallet repair centre at Grangemouth in Scotland can assess over 5,000 pallets per shift with sophisticated monitorintg equipment to prevent contamination, remove foreign objects such as metal or labels and prevent raised nails, in order to prevent goods being damaged in transit when the repaired pallet is back in use.

JamesJonesGrangemouth pallet repair line


Why choose James Jones

We are the largest supplier of new and repaired pallets to the UK pallet pool