Bart De Laender (Procurement Director, CHEP Europe) and Dave Schoeters (Procurement Manager, CHEP Europe) presented Unit Pallets (UPL) MD Gil Covey and the Unit team with the Silver Medal European Supplier Award for outstanding quality and service performance for the year to June 2015.

CHEP Silver Award to Unit Pallets

Bart was delighted to present this award and commented that UPL is one of the few suppliers to CHEP that had no failures or complaints whatsoever in the year.

UPL faced stiff competition from a total of 45 suppliers of new pallets across the continent and Bart complimented the management and workers of UPL on this outstanding achievement.

Bart recalled that during his early years in dealing with Unit Pallets he had come to appreciate the vital importance of receiving high quality products and service, something which is often undervalued as customers seek to contain costs in a highly competitive market.

Gil was delighted for Unit Pallets to receive such a prestigious award from CHEP Europe. He said:

..." this award is a real team achievement in providing CHEP Europe with the level of quality and service that meets their exacting requirements. Unit Pallets is committed to getting quality and service right first time and we also take pride in our responsiveness and communication as we deal in high volumes with a natural material. As part of the James Jones Group we are committed to continuous investment in supplying CHEP going forward and we collaborate in developing and testing products for the future."

CHEP UPL Silver Certificate