James Jones and Sons’ Timber Systems Division recently held a two day distributor training course at the JJI-Joist manufacturing plant in Forres.

Taking part were staff from Kingspan Potton, National Hickman, North Yorkshire Timber, Pasquill, Robinson Manufacturing and David Smith.

JJI-Joist training course November 2014

The course is designed as a general overview of the JJI-Joist System. As well as gaining a lot of product knowledge, among the highlights for the course attendees were a tour of the JJI-Joist production facility, the chance to build a real floor section using JJI-Joist components and also taking part in the product knowledge quiz. The pictures show the course members showing off their completed floor and, below, Daniel Walker of Kingspan (left) and Paul Stead of Pasquill who came first and second in the quiz.

Daniel Walker and Paul Stead on JJI-Joist training course

Feedback from the course was very positive as can be seen from the quotes below:

“A very worthwhile trip, and interesting to see James Jones in operation. From a sales point of view the sales information and selling information was great…what was good was learning to put a floor together as I believe this gives individuals a greater understanding of queries when on the phone to sites.

All in all I would recommend other James Jones distributors or other NYT employees attend the course as it will give them a greater understanding of the product and help us sell more”

Gary Shardha, NY Timber

“Very well organised course and very informative. Definitely worth the time out of the office.”

Mark Slee, NY Timber

“An informative insight into James Jones and Sons and the products they design and produce. I gained valuable technical information as well as being guided around the facilities, and gained a better insight into site issues when attempting to install a floor with the other candidates on the course.

Being a national company such as ours, this will be invaluable in cementing relationships within the market place to the benefit of both companies.”

Paul Stead, Pasquill