A group of Swedish sawmillers visited James Jones & Sons' Lockerbie site on 19th March to see how sawmilling in the UK compares with its Swedish counterpart.

The visit was organised by Söderhamn Eriksson who supplied the main sawlines for the Lockerbie I and III mills. Ian Pirie, James Jones' Joint Managing Director, and Eddie Balfour, General Manager of the Lockerbie site, showed the visitors around.

Swedish sawmillers at Lockerbie

Darren Oldham, Managing Director of Söderhamn Eriksson UK, said of the visit:

"The visit went very well and James Jones & Sons looked after us all superbly. The Swedes were very impressed with the whole site at Lockerbie. Besides the mills being state-of-the-art and the most modern you will find, the other thing that stood out was James Jones & Sons' attitude towards the working environment. Everywhere was clean and tidy and the amount of time, effort and money that has been spent on ensuring the water run-off from the site is so clean that it can go straight in to a salmon river was very impressive too. All the staff at Lockerbie should be very proud."

Swedish sawmillers look at the Lockerbie log sorter

The pictures show the visitors appreciating the sunshine, which was typical of the weather that Lockerbie enjoys all year round!