Gil Covey has announced his retirement from the role of Non-Executive Chairman of James Jones & Sons (Pallets & Packaging) Ltd. Gil’s career initially began in the bus sector and he first joined the pallet industry with Unit Pallets in 1990, which was later bought by James Jones in 1999.

In a statement release in January, James Jones & Sons Chairman Tom Bruce-Jones said “Gil has had an outstanding career at James Jones & Sons Ltd. Between 1999 and 2023, our pallet division has grown from the single site at Golborne to a nationwide coverage of 14 manufacturing and repair and inspection sites, employing approximately 700 personnel. This has been achieved through strategic acquisitions and greenfield investments and Gil has nurtured and developed the best team in the UK industry.’’

“Gil leaves James Jones & Sons (Pallets & Packaging) Ltd in an unrivalled position and, on behalf of the Board, employees and shareholders, I thank him hugely for all that he has achieved, his leadership and guidance...’’

“It was very fitting that Gil’s final TIMCON General meeting in March had yet another record attendance and allowed us to ensure that his retirement was celebrated accordingly”, commented John Dye, current TIMCON President. “One of the most common statements I heard during the event was how approachable he is and the fact that he always made time to take a call .

Gil has been involved with TIMCON for over 25 years. In his farewell speech he made it very clear that he is extremely proud and passionate of what TIMCON has achieved over the years. Personally, I have been fortunate to have had Gil as an association mentor and we have become very good friends over the years. We have had many good times and some extremely frustrating times over the years, and I will remember these fondly in the years to come.”

He has been a long-serving figurehead of the UK pallet and packaging industry. Fons Ceelaert, FEFPEB Secretary General described Gil in a recent newsletter as an “esteemed friend. Gil’s achievements for our federation cannot be underestimated and we all owe a lot to him,” he said. “Above all, Gil is a good and respected friend who enjoyed the numerous contacts in the global wooden pallet and packaging industry.”

“With his commitment and professional skills, FEFPEB gradually became the representative European sector federation for the wooden packaging industry, with a solid network in the woodworking industries and European institutions. Above all, Gil is a good friend who is well respected in the global wooden pallet and packaging industry. We will express our gratitude to the great man at the FEFPEB Spring meeting in Lille.”