James Jones & Sons Ltd Timber Systems Division, the leading supplier of I-Joists to the UK’s construction sector, has published the fifth edition of its UK Technical Manual.

Technical manual

The new updated publication contains all the technical information required by housebuilders, on-site tradesmen, specifiers and architects who intend to use JJI-Joists in their construction projects.

The information and data contained in this new edition of the JJI-Joist Technical Manual aims to reflect the UK construction sector’s desire to move away from the BS5268-2 code of practice and move towards Eurocode 5 (EC5), which is set to become the norm in the future.

The new Technical Manual removes all BS5268-2 specific notes and tables and replaces them with EC5 specific information, where it was not already in place.

James Jones has also updated several sections of the Technical Manual, including new references to online design tools and BIM, support for LVL, plus bespoke profiles for both glulam and LVL beams, an overview of our new EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and information on our recent partnership with Ockwells to provide reusable GRP platforms for staircase openings.

The new fifth edition of the Technical Manual is now live on the James Jones website to download, along with the fourth edition (British Standard/EC5) version, is also still available in our download section.

JJI-Joist Technical Manual - Fifth Edition(9.00 MB)