We recently donated some wood to Betel UK, to allow them build a functional workshop space to restore furniture.

Betel UK is an independent Christian charity for men and women and families affected by the hardships that lead to social exclusion, especially homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse and long-term unemployment. Residents help fund their own recovery by working in one of Betel’s charitable businesses. This significantly reduces the financial burden on their families and the government while restoring self-dignity and a sense of purpose. Residents are supervised and orientated to the realities of today’s working world in one of Betel’s workshops or businesses such as furniture repair, restoration and upholstery, house removals and clearances, tree surgery and vehicle repair among many others.

The charity didn’t have a designated space to carry out their furniture restoration work, so James Jones & Sons donated material to the Motherwell site to allow them to build a timber constructed workshop.