Located on the beautiful coastline of Carmarthenshire, the Pendine Sands scheme is a £7m project to construct a new museum of speed, a 42 bed eco hostel and an events facility with cafe. Pendine Sands is famous for the setting of many land speed records, and J G Parry- Thomas and his car “BABS” did just that. Parry unfortunately lost his life in 1927 attempting to reclaim the title. BABS, now fully restored, will be seen in the museum along with many other amazing vehicles.

Off-site construction of the roof, floor and wall panels ensures the reduction of site build time and also reduces the risks to Health and Safety.

JJI-Joists were incorporated into the pre-manufactured panels which made up the floor and roof structures. These were manufactured in just 10 weeks in WB Timber Innovations Bridgend and Solihull factories.

Access to the full case study - Pendine Sands Museum