James Jones & Sons Ltd has entered a three year partnership agreement with the Atlantic Salmon Trust to fund its current research into finding out more about the Atlantic salmon’s migration, from the rivers they are born in to the sea and back again, with the express purpose of learning how it can better protect the species.

Mark Cockburn, Corporate Ambassador at the Atlantic Salmon Trust said “We are delighted to receive funding from James Jones & Sons Ltd over the next three years to help get to the bottom of what is happening to our iconic wild Atlantic salmon. By acting as a community of likeminded businesses, community groups and wider society, we can give salmon the vibrant future they deserve. The Atlantic Salmon Trust exists purely to achieve this positive future but relies upon partnerships such as those with James Jones to help deliver the step change we need to better look after our rivers and oceans.”

For nearly 200 years, James Jones & Sons Ltd has taken timber from estates that have a close connection with the salmon rivers of Scotland and North England. There has also been a keen family interest in salmon fishing and river conservation over this period. James Jones & Sons Ltd’s sawmills at Aboyne and Mosstodloch lie adjacent to the River Dee and River Spey where the highest levels of environmental practices are maintained to ensure there is no impact on water quality.

Tom Bruce-Jones, Chairman, said “James Jones & Sons Ltd is delighted to support the Atlantic Salmon Trust for the future of the species, fund some of the research projects and to supplement the conservation and biodiversity investments made by country estates across the UK.”