James Jones & Sons Timber Systems Division has launched a new addition to the JJI-Joist product range – the JJI Wall Stud.

James Jones & Sons operates the largest, fastest and most efficient I-Joist line in Europe. Made in the UK at our engineered timber manufacturing plant in Forres, the JJI Wall Stud offers a low carbon solution to the UK and European construction market.

Angus Macfarlane, General Manager of Timber Systems Division, said “The JJI Wall Stud has been developed to complement changes in Part L legislation that requires more efficient insulation in timber frame and modular homes. More than ever there is a need for highly insulated, healthy homes and the JJI Wall Stud, in combination with different types of insulation, helps achieve this. We will manufacture the JJI Wall Stud in easy to handle and easy to cut lengths to offer flexibility to the off-site manufacturing process. The JJI Wall Stud is available via our existing distribution network throughout the UK and Europe.

“We are committed to supporting a programme of continued investment and other recent innovations have included development of our JJI Design and Joist Master Software, in addition to the expansion of a new stock yard in 2022 to enable us to ensure security of supply within industry best delivery timescales.”

For more information on the JJI Wall Stud please click here