James Jones & Sons has recently completed installations of new biomass plants at its Mosstodloch and Aboyne sawmills, with a combined investment of £5.4m.

The new 2.5 megawatt plant at Mosstodloch will provide sustainable biomass from the Group’s own operations, providing heat for buildings, kilns and timber treatment. This replaces an existing gas boiler and the additional heat supply will provide capacity for future investment on the site.

The 3.3megawatt replacement boiler at Aboyne incorporates electrostatic emission filters to achieve future environmental standards, but also allows the site to burn a wider specification of fuel, including forest residues, to heat sawmill buildings, kilns and the timber treatment facility.

James Jones & Sons already operates biomass plants across its Group operations and the combined biomass energy for kilning at these and other sites in Forres, Lockerbie and Hangingshaw reduce CO2 emissions by more than 17,200 tonnes per annum when compared with previous fossil fuel supply.

Joint Managing Director, David Leslie, said “enhancing our environmental credentials has always been part of our Group strategy, and the recent biomass installations are just one of the many environmental beneficial projects being developed currently”.