Our new development at Hangingshaw, three miles north of our Lockerbie site, is well into the final stages of construction with the building almost complete and machinery and equipment being installed, including the treatment tank and MHS line.

The building itself is over 22,000m2 and will provide secondary processing facilities that will dramatically increase our ability to meet the needs of the domestic fencing market. Demand for incised fence posts, which were pioneered in the UK by James Jones & Sons, consistently outstrip supply and by investing around £16.5 million in the Hangingshaw facility we will be able to satisfy the needs of our customers during the peak fencing season.

Hangingshaw treatment tank

Inside the main building construction of the office accommodation is underway using C16 treated carcassing from the Lockerbie mill and, in the ceiling, JJI-Joists manufactured at our Forres site.

Hangingshaw office construction 28April

It's really satisfying to see months of planning and a substantial investment nearing completion. We hope to start commissioning the machinery at the end of the summer so that we are well placed to meet demand for fencing products next year, and not only that, the resource we are creating at Hangingshaw means that we will free up capacity at the main Lockerbie site for additional production.This will mean improved availability on key specifications for our customers.
Ian Pirie,
Joint Managing Director