The North-East England Forestry and Woodland Advisory Committee visited our sawmill at Durham in November and were hosted by Joint Managing Director, David Leslie, Site General Manager, Lisa Thompson, and Wood Supply Manager, Keith Haywood.

The group, who were holding their third meeting of the year at our office, is a statutory advisory committee to the Forestry Commission whose role is to advocate and champion forestry interests, provide advice, expertise and challenge of national policies, enhance synergies across the sector and conciliate in disputed cases.

As part of their visit, the members were given a presentation on James Jones & Sons, which included a summary of recent developments on the Durham site and the Group as a whole. Following a general industry discussion, they were taken on a tour of the site to demonstrate the wide range of products we produce and the extensive investments completed on the site in recent years. Ian Brown, Chair of the Committee, expressed his gratitude for a very interesting visit and hoped that the discussions and tour would give the members a better insight into the requirements of a large scale modern sawmill and the carbon benefits of commercial forestry and conifer timber production in North-East England.