'Tea with Thompson' is a new initiative at our Durham site that invites a small group of employees to join an informal chat over a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich. Its aim is to keep the lines of communication open and create an inclusive working environment for everyone.

Lisa Thompson, General Manager, said " I feel as a leader its important to be accessible and approachable in a business. I want to create an environment where everyone in the business, regardless of where they work, has a route to speak with me in a way that they feel most comfortable. I want all employees to feel empowered to bring forward ideas, challenge decisions, speak openly about concerns or just ask questions on topics that are important to them! It doesn’t even have to be work related! There are many ways we already do this at Durham and as an addition to the current avenues, I decided to introduce ‘Tea with Thompson’ today with the team. This is an informal gathering with a small group of employees, from across all different departments, where we share a cuppa and a bacon sandwich together!! Launched today on International Woman’s Day made the event especially meaningful, but will be a monthly event that everyone across the site will have the opportunity to attend! We also gave a small gift to all the ladies onsite at Durham in the form of a key-ring, thanking them for making a difference to the business."