The Canadian Senior Curling team, over in Scotland to take part in the World Championships in Dumfries, paid a visit to the James Jones' Lockerbie Mill yesterday.

Team Skip, Colleeen Pinkney is married to Brian, who is Chief Engineer at the Stella-Jones facility in Truro, Nova Scotia. Partly through this connection, but also because curling is a huge sport in Canada, the Canadian team is sponsored by Stella-Jones, hence the interest in visiting the James Jones' site.

Said Colleen:

"The visit to James Jones was really interesting and the technology used in the sawmill is amazing - we learned a lot and it was nice to meet some of the people at James Jones, including Tom Bruce-Jones jr. We are really enjoying our visit to Scotland and everyone has been so welcoming, although our first game is against Scotland so things might change a bit!"

Canadian Senior Curling Team at Lockerbie April 2014

Pictured left to right:

Colleen Pinkney, Wendy Currie, Shelley MacNutt, Susan Creelman and Judy Burgess