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Mini Bundling

In another industry first, we installed a bespoke mini bundling line at Lockerbie in 2012.

By mini bundling 47mm x 50mm and 47mm x 75mm sections, merchants are able to improve stock husbandry and retail sales opportunities, whilst maintaining the product integrity of these section sizes. 

The benefits of mini bundling include: 

  • Strapped and bundled every 9 pieces (47mm x 50mm) and 6 pieces (47mm x 75mm) for ease of handling
  • Holds and protects stock during storage, making packs more secure and safer to handle
  • Improves stock quality for staff and customers, making selection easier
  • Reduces the need for yard staff to rebuild individual packs and enhances stock husbandry
  • Maximises stock turnover, limits waste and increases sales



Why choose James Jones?

We kiln dry our timber for a minimum of 120 hours, depending on season; this alleviates distortion and downgrade.