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Carbon data

Our JJI-Joist production processes have been independently validated and, as a result, we are the first UK timber company to able to undertake PAS 2050:2011 carbon reporting.

Architects and specifiers can now quote specific carbon impact figures

We are able to give externally validated carbon data for JJI-Joists using our PAS 2050:2011 carbon reporting model, giving architects and specifiers the confidence to quote specific carbon impact figures for designs incorporating James Jones' products. Timber stores carbon naturally and the production process requires relatively low energy inputs, thus a timber product, unlike most other mainstream building materials, will normally reduce the carbon impact of the structure it is used in as the carbon stored more than offsets the carbon generated in its production. 

Carbon negative figures are available for individual building designs

We are able to produce a carbon negative figure for individual building designs where they incorporate JJI-Joists, based on the quantity and specification of JJI-Joists used, or we can produce a carbon negative number for contract supply based purely on the volume of material rather than a specific design.


Achieve better BREEAM scores

For architects and specifiers the ability to more accurately determine the specific carbon impact of a particular design is increasingly important,  even more so when the  carbon negative inputs of timber are taken into account,  in achieving better BREEAM scores

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Why choose James Jones?

We are the only UK timber company to have completed life cycle assessment on our products and can give carbon negative tonnages for all JJI-Joists and Glulam products.