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Jordans Mill


Designed by Roderick James Architects LLP, the ‘Mill Store’ visitor centre comprises
700m² of floor space – complete with café, commercial kitchen, shop and small
conferencefacilities. This building features alongside a unique example of a 19th
century flour mill that straddles the River Ivel. This historic Mill, home to the
Jordan family for over 150 years, was revolutionary for its time and following
a fire at the mill in the late 1800s, brought about a change from traditional
stone milling to metal roller mills. This technological leap enabled the mill to
increase production significantly and helped Jordans Mill to become one of the
leading producers of flour in the region.

The scheme is based around a structural green oak frame, supplied and erected
by Westwind Oak Buildings Ltd, and is wrapped in SIPs panels supplied and installed
by SIPs Industries Ltd. SIPs Industries also installed the JJI-Joists, which make up
the first floor structure, with these joists specified for their strength, stiffness and
increased span, as well as their low weight-to-size ratio and the ability to quickly
and easily drill service holes.

Matthew Korny of Robinson Manufacturing, who did the detail design of the JJI-Joist
floor section, said about the job:
“This project was particularly interesting to us due to the prestigious nature of the
development and also the challenges it provided to us as JJI-Joist designers. We were
keen to be involved especially as the building would be open to the public and was
in a fantastic location of natural and historical interest. The fact that there were a
number of different load combinations of up to 6.5kn/m2, bearing onto different
surfaces such as solid oak and flitch beams, provided an interesting challenge, but one
which the James Jones software and product provided a perfect solution.”



Jordans Mill


Roderick James Architects


Molina Projects

Engineered Timber Supply:

Robinson Manufacturing Ltd


Courtesy of Nigel Rigden, Roderick James Architects and James Jones and Sons Ltd


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