Strainer Caps protect more than just fence posts

The lifespan of agricultural fencing is probably not the first thing you think about when sourcing and supplying new materials. Where performance and reputation are key, using a product which offers longer term service will ultimately save time and money in the future.

Quality through and through
James Jones’ range of ‘Use Class 4’ ground contact fencing components are produced with quality in mind at every stage of the process. Quality redwood species are selected and thoroughly dried before treatment with Wolmanit CX8 pressure chemical treatment. This ensures maximum protection and materials performance.

Protection guaranteed
The performance and integrity of our agricultural fencing range is of paramount importance. We provide a 15 year warranty against failure from fungal decay or insect attack as standard on strainers. To cap it off , a polypropylene cap provides a modern and effective solution to the ad-hoc, hub-cap solution typically seen across the country.

Put a cap on it
To cap what is the best range of agricultural fencing products on the market, put a cap on your strainers.
Contact our sales team on 01343 821 421 or email and ensure a stronger, longer lasting fencing solution for your business.