Continuous research and innovation has allowed us to forge close relationships with universities, research institutes, technology boards and we are very proud of our Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, graduate recruitment and launch of innovative, ground breaking products. We strive to lead the sector maximising the capital investments we have made at our manufacturing facilities.

Ever since James Jones & Sons Ltd was incorporated in 1905, we’ve remained firmly at the forefront of our industry.

James Jones & Sons introduced the JJI-joist, pioneered the use of polyurethane adhesives and was the driving force behind the development of automated I-joist production lines.

We started the UK’s first commercial incising line at Lockerbie for domestic fencing products in order to increase the penetration, and provide uniformity, of Tanalith E preservative treatment.

Among the first companies in the UK to install Scandinavian sawmilling systems alongside state-of-the-art X-ray scanning technology to improve the strength grading process, we were also the first sawmilling business to commission a biomass boiler and, more recently, introduced a number of notable health and safety firsts at our Lockerbie 3 sawmill.

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Developments in timber processing and chemical treatments over the last decade or so now allow us to offer 15 year warranties on all of our Use Class 4 ground contact timber products.


James Jones has been committed to incising its Use Class 4 ground contact timbers since the company installed the UK's first incising line in 2013 at our Lockerbie mill.


In another industry first, we installed a mini-bundling line at Lockerbie in 2012 to offer our timber better protection, reduce wastage and to increase sales opportunities for our merchants.


Looking after the environment has always been a fundamental part of our business and we have pioneered new systems and processes to minimise the environmental impact that we make.

UPALL® Pallet Guards

UPALL® is an innovative pallet protection system that extends the usable life of a wooden pallet dramatically reducing necessary repairs, saving money and decreasing the environmental impact of the pallet.

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