For as long as James Jones has been in existence, looking after the environment has been a fundamental part of our business. From the tracks in the forests where we harvest our log supplies to the advanced drainage systems in place at our Lockerbie site, we have pioneered new systems and processes to minimise the impact that we make on our environment.

James Jones & Sons was the first UK timber company to receive full ISO 14001 accreditation for our environmental processes, a certification that gives our customers complete peace of mind that ordering timber from James Jones is an environmentally safe choice.

All of the timber that we source is FSC® Certified and in some cases can be dual certified with PEFC certification. All of our timber product claims, including our pallet products, are independently verified by the Soil Association on an on-going annual basis.

James Jones was also the first timber company to be audited to PAS 2050 standard, meaning we can offer all our customers accurate carbon negative numbers for all our products.

In the forests the Active Tyre Control system we have installed on our lorries allows drivers to vary the tyre pressure on the log hauling trucks, thereby reducing damage to the road surfaces.

At Lockerbie our drainage and reed bed filtration system ensures that the run-off water we put into the River Annan is actually cleaner than the river itself.

We were one of the first UK timber companies to start using biomass as a heat source for our drying kilns, greatly reducing our carbon emissions and thus enhancing the carbon accounted data we are able to supply for everything we produce.

For more information see our Sustainability Section.