The 12.3 metre diameter building has been developed as a private house with a basement and mezzazine floor contained within the space, which is topped by a slate covered roof constructed almost entirely from JJI-Joists.

The JJI-Joists, which are laid out like the spokes of a deeply dished wheel, carry the entire roof load between top and bottom steel ring beams.

The innovative design required considerable input from the JJI-Joist distributor David Smith, as well as the James Jones Design and Engineering team at the JJI-factory in Forres.

Angus Macfarlane, General Manager of James Jones & Sons’ Timber System Division, commented: "The majority of JJI-Joist production goes into providing floor systems for the major housebuilders so it is good to be able to work on a brief which demonstrates the willingness of our distributors and in house design team to take on such a challenging project, as well as the versatility and flexibility of JJI-Joists as a mainstream building component."


Mr Vincent Uisi


Mr Vincent Uisi


Offord and Camp LLP
JJI-JOISTS 222m 300A+ 296m 300C

Engineered Timber Supplier:

David Smith St Ives


Offord and Camp LLP


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