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Harvesting, co-products and haulage

Contact our harvesting team.

For information about our harvesting activity please contact a member of our Harvesting Team. For information about co-products and haulage, please contact David Leslie, General Manager – Harvesting, Co-products & Transport.

David S Leslie
Director – Harvesting, Co-products & Transport
07778 772349

Rupert Bonham
Harvesting Manager, Central
07703 729662

Iain Mackenzie
Area Harvesting Manager, North
07977 283772

Jonathan Ritchie
Area Wood Supply and Transport Manager, North
07977 283776

Kenny Dobie
Harvesting and Wood Supply Manager, South
07977 283774

Billy Wood
Harvesting Manager, South
07733 011507

Donald Beaton
Assistant Harvesting Manager, North
07977 283771

Euan Borthwick
Trainee Harvesting Manager
07867 497615

Neil Cowan
Procurement Manager
07977 283788