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Pallet Repair

The company is the UK market leader in providing automated pallet handling, inspection and repairs for all the closed and open loop pallet pools, handling in excess of 25 million pallets per annum.

Our repair sites are strategically located at Golborne, Grangemouth, Hetton le Hole, Livingston, Stretton, Castleford and Greetham and we have heavily invested in machinery and expertise to meet the specific demands of our pallet customers and we have forged close working relationships with all the major UK pallet pools CHEP, LPR, Pooling Partners and EPAL.

The company heat treats repaired pallets to meet ISPM 15 requirements. 

We also supply timber components directly to the pools for their own pallet repair operations.

In this sector the pallets are the most important asset of our customers, so the quality of our product and service is of paramount importance.