James Jones & Sons Ltd acquired Mayflower Enterprises Pty Ltd in Australia in January 2022, the holding company of Hyne Timber and XLam.

Hyne Timber, dating back to 1882, operates two modern sawmills (Tuan, Queensland and Tumbarumba, NSW) producing circa 800,000m3 of sawn timber, employing 750 staff and enjoying a 21% market share in Australia. The mills source approximately 1.6 Million tonnes of pine logs from plantations strategically located in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Hyne Timber also operates a brand new glulam factory in Queensland, commissioned in 2020.

James Jones & Sons acquired XLam (New Zealand) in January 2022. XLam was the only CLT manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere. The company commissioned Australia's first ever CLT manufacturing plant in Wodonga, Victoria in 2018.

Location Information

Hyne Timber

Maryborough Tuan Forest Rd
Tuan Forest
QLD 4650

Hyne Timber

3975 Jingellic Rd
NSW 2653

Hyne Timber Glue Laminated Timber Plant

Enterprise Street

28 Bilston Drive
Barnawartha North VIC