Our principal haulage include

Round timber: James Jones & Sons operates its own fleet of 15 timber lorries, in addition to using dedicated contract hauliers, together hauling over 1,000,000 tonnes each year of roundwood timber to the company’s own sawmills and to customers’ boardmills, pulpmills and biomass facilities.

James Jones is a previous winner of the Scottish Environmental Haulier of the Year title and was shortlisted for the Best Use of Technology in the recent Motor Transport Awards and we continue to lead the way in respect of CTI and tyre technology innovations

Sawn timber: Sawn timber haulage is contracted to partner hauliers through medium and longer term contract agreements, delivering to customers throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland

Co-products: Through our timber processing activities, James Jones produces approximately 450,000 tonnes of co-product every year. We deliver a range of sawmill co-products through long term contracts, to customers based in Scotland and the North of England. We use several dedicated contractors who offer the specialised haulage capability needed to move these products safely and most efficiently on our behalf

Through all of our haulage operations, James Jones seeks to minimise timber miles through a range of cooperative haulage agreements and logistics strategies to reduce the impact on communities, roads and the environment.

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